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Managerial Decision Making (see instructions) Essay

Managerial Decision Making (see instructions) - Essay ExampleManagers in todays business environment are faced with numerous often-unplanned events that require determination-making. In the past it was more third estate for a manager to decide the course of action individually or within formal mathematical groups. substantial decisions in the business circle are now deemed too risky or important to be made entirely by one person. A manager must seek the right advice from some(prenominal) different sources. Decisions made by group when dealing with problems and issues take place eachday in the vitality of an organization. Today it is often common for many managers to seek involvement from lower level employees in the decision making process whenever it can be done. notwithstanding it is not al slipway possible just to adopt a colleague what they should do. Most decisions will require a process of a greater arcdegree of subordinate participation these decisions can be made thr ough a variety of different ways such as committees, task groups, departmental participation and so forth. It is said that making decisions in a group allows for every angle to be looked at and every possible idea to be created with every decision from a group offering the best solution this method of decision-making. This paper hopes to discuss advantages of group decision-making using several theories and some real life case studies. We will see how participation in decision-making affects companies decisions we will look at several helpful models i.e. vroom-jago model and all referencing it to real life situations and quotes from storied persons in the field (Schwenk, 1990, p.161176)Managers as part of their job are faced with many decisions in which they consent to undertake, it is up to the managers themselves to decide in what kind of way they want to make the decision and solve the problem. However groups can offer an essential feature in decision making for an organisation . As Coghlan points out social station of teams and groups shape perception and participation in organisational

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Five Stages of International Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Five Stages of Inter landal phylogenesis - Essay ExamplePhase physique one is usually called Domestic Company. A business is regarded as a domestic company if its business operations are solely carried out in the nation where it originates. Its commodities are set for domestic market and the sourcing of factors of production is also domestic. A typical domestic company, thus, makes no dealings beyond its nation of origins boundaries. It, therefore, follows that such a business management is the easiest and domestically emanating challenges would also be resolvable with minimal effort. (Dlabay, et al, 2010 p263) Anaren Company befitted this description in year 2006. (forbes.com, 2006) The second form of international development is Exporting Company. This business type has dependence upon the home-market merits like reputation as it opens wing to the external markets. Its major focus is on sales of its familiar commodities in a small number of contradictory markets. Exporting bus inesses rely on their independent agents in the management of their operations in the foreign or even utilize distributors to do the same work. This is due to the fact that agents and distributors alike know the foreign based market places and thus success can be achieved through them with more probability. An example of a business in this stage is the Goscinski Enterprises which exports food commodities in three nations.

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Pathways, Signs and Symbols Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Pathways, Signs and Symbols - essay ExampleThe origin of symbols is still unknown simply it is well connected with the kind goings and small communities of the past. Ndebele Tribe, as they argon mainly known for their decorative symbols, beadwork, crafts and paintings, that hails from South Africa and is divided into four different groups of which two, Ndzunda and Manala live in capital of South Africa and Mpumalanga area of South Africa (Lalioti 1) They are known for their colorful geometric symbols and designings and their distinctive use of colors and physical contact designs has made them popular around the world. The wall paintings by Ndebele portray triangular and v-shaped designs with distinct color (Lalioti 1). As the tribe started getting more exposure to urban style they started using synthetic paints and also including city scenes on their paintings. Ndebele symbols and art form do not contain any mystical content. Their women are really creative and use their finge rs to create symbols and designs. The main occasion of painting and renewing their houses is on the male macrocosm or wela (Lalioti 3). The completion of paintings comes with family celebrations and get together. They intend to create these designs just to please the eyes. Their quality of artwork is olympian as every design includes straight geometric designs. An interesting fact is that they paint all the designs with relieve hand without any rulers and the help of any shapes. Similarly, it is entirely the responsibility of women to make designs for walls. Their choice of colors and design patterns symbolizes their individuality and creativeness and makes them stand apart. Ndebele women paint both the interiors and exteriors of their houses. Most of the patterns they use are repeated save with variations in colors and designs. According to the reference most of the pictures have black outline and are do on white surface. Every section or pattern is filled with different color s out front it gets repeated in the next design. Their connection to the urban clubhouse is evident in their paintings. The designs could be a little complicated for the first time viewers. But the understanding makes it clearer when one finds the geometric shapes. The contemporary artists of this tribe usually make use of a wide range of bright colors like yellow, red and green. They use natural colors and few earth colors but their connection with urban society helped them to use synthetic colors as well to create better effect. When discussing art and symbol, Giorgio de Chirico deserves special mention. natural in Greece, he is known for his classic and symbolic representation of art work. He is the pioneer of the metaphysical Movement and was known for his strange style of paintings. He painted the cityscapes not with much movement but with a creepy atmosphere. The streets were often shown as eerie and haunted. Critics have mentioned his art work as pipe dream writings. The themes of most of his paintings were focused on melancholia, done by depicting pictures of clocks. In his images he conveys feelings of power and license through trains, clocks, towers, arcades and shadows. The walls and towers of the paintings give a sense of power for the viewer. The most familiar thing in de Chiricos painting was the train which is believed to have a link to his childhood train set and also resonant of his father was an engineer in

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Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 12

Business Ethics - Essay ExampleThe researcher of this essay states that in current times, a success of an organization is not only judged found on their financial profits, but also based on whether they achieve those profits through ethical means. Thus, ethics has become a crucial power of any organizations success, brand image, etc, and so it needs to be incorporated into every aspect of its internal process as well as in organizations external environment. Most organizations only comprise ethics in their external environment, thereby fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). However, it is of utmost importance to hold ethical aspects in the internal functioning as well, particularly in relation to gender equivalence between the male and female employees. Although, women in current times, are playing key, optimum and leading roles in various spheres of life including business organizations, there is still some ethical issues relating to them in the form of gende r discrimination. The researcher reviews the book, GenderTalk Works 7 Steps for Cracking the Gender Code at Work scripted by Connie Glaser that focuses on these gender issues and the related ethical aspects. With certain gender-specific impediments blocking smooth communication between the male and the female employees, and also preventing women from reaching the top levels in the hierarchy, it is mentioned that this book provides practical advices on how to nosepiece the gender gap at work and also how to provide a conducive environment, for the development of women leaders.

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International & Strategic Marketing (Degree Level) Essay

International & Strategic Marketing (Degree Level) - Essay Exampleort suggests the formation of a joint venture as the preferred mode of entry into the Indian market however the balance of failure of joint ventures is relatively high and the tightens to fail very quickly. There is also an element of creating a cultural cohesion and managing the diversity which Indian market evoke offer.In terms of sales activities, it is chief(prenominal) that the sozzled must engage into B2B activity and manage its sales through creation of a employ sales force for personal selling mode of generating the sales.Exporting involves directly exporting the product of the firm into the market where firms wants to get entry. Exporting is desirable by those firms which tend to keep operational control of their products into their avow hands in any event launching and maintaining its own brand name in the international market. Exporting can also be done through piggybacking wherein the firm can actual ly utilize the available logistic and distribution networks of existing businesses to distribute and sell its products.It is important to note for prosperedly exporting a product, exporter requires the supporter and support of not only the importers but also that of the government as well as the transport. For successful completion of export targets, it is therefore critical that the exporter must strike a balance between the two. Further, the fortune of high early failures is relatively high as business of this type often fail to bump properly thus forcing exporters to look for some other alternative channels to continue to operate in the chosen market. Such high riskiness of the export will therefore may not be suitable for the firms engaged in B2B type of business.Forming joint ventures is another important mode of entry wherein the firm can participate through equity to formulate a new company. Joint ventures are in particular helpful in gaining access to the technology as well as the core competencies of other firms besides utilizing the local knowledge of the firms

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Judicial activism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Judicial activism - Essay ExampleIn ropemaker v. Simmons, a cardinal year old by the name of Simmons confessed that he plotted the murder and burglary of an previous(a) woman. This case placed the question before the Courts as to whether or not a person younger than eighteen years old should be punished with the death penalization when convicted of crimes that would typically mandated capital punishment. The seventeen year old was originally sentenced to death for his crimes. This decision was later overturned by the molybdenum lordly Court and the defendants sentence was converted to life imprisonment. The Missouri arrogant Court stated that although there were cases that illustrated that there was a precedent set that allowed for capital punishment for those persons below the develop of eighteen, that a national consensus has developed against the performance of late offenders(2005). This case has since been heard by the United States Supreme Courts. Judicial activism and restraint are concepts that butt end be readily viewed in the Roper v. Simmons case when it was decided by the Supreme Court in March 2005.The majority opinion addressed both the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments when considering the affirmation of the Missouri Supreme Court decision. ... Per the courts opinion, neither the Eighth nor the Fourteenth Amendment disallows the use of the death penalisation for either persons that are under the age of eighteen or that are deemed mentally retarded. The Courts majority states that twenty-two of thirty-seven death penalty states permit the death penalty for the offenders that are sixteen years old. The same thirty-seven states permitted the death penalty for those offenders that were seventeen years old. The Court went further to state that such figures are not indicative of a nation that is moving towards a consensus against capital punishment for those offenders that are less than eighteen years of age. two court cases were consiste ntly referenced in the opinion Stanford v. Kentucky 492 U.S. 361 (1989) and Atkins v. Virginia 536 U.S. 304(2002). Stanford and Atkins speak to both issues of capital punishment for juvenile offenders and the mentally retarded. These two cases decided that it was not inappropriate to utilize the death penalty for those younger than age eighteen or mentally retarded, respectively. Typically, judicial restraint would have allowed the Supreme Court to overturn the Missouri Courts ruling based on precedents and existing laws. However, the majority opinion took its review of the existing laws by rendition the intention of the laws and how they related to the intention of the Constitutional Amendments. The majority opinion stated that although the death penalty for youths and the mentally retarded were not prohibited, they were rarely used as methods of punishment. In many cases, the Court notes that allowances were made for juveniles that had pull heinous crimes because it was and is r ecognized that these persons have

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Discuss the impact of volcano-induced climate change in Earth's Term Paper

establish the impact of volcano-induced mode change in Earths history - Term Paper ExampleThis paper discusses how volcanic activities harbour caused climate change, and the resulting impact on estates history. How Volcanoes induce climate change Although large-scale scale volcanic bangs last only a few days, the effect of these eruptions on climate on the Earth can last for several geezerhood. At first, scientists believed that the dust emitted from volcanic eruptions blocked the solar actinotherapy from reaching ball thereby leading to cooling of the earth. However, measurements later indicated that most of this ejected dust returns back to earth within six months of the volcanic eruption. The stratospheric data suggests that during large explosive volcanic eruptions, large quantities of nursery gases (CO2) and randomness dioxide (SO2) gas are also expunged into the atmosphere. SO2 reacts with the water vapor in the stratosphere and converts to sulfate aerosols, which are sub-micron droplets containing 75% sulphuric acid. These aerosols form a dense optically bright haze layer. Typically, they stay in the stratosphere for 2-4 years. Now, the large quantities of greenhouse gases released by volcanoes trap the heat radiated off the surface of the earth and form a sort of withdrawal around the planet. Further, the volcanic aerosol clouds scatter a significant amount of incoming Suns radiation back to space. This effect is known as radiative forcing that can last for up to 2-3 years interest a volcanic eruption. Due to these two combined effects, the Earth experiences a change in climate pattern (NASA, 2011). Evidence of climate change due to volcanic eruptions Observational evidence has also shown that volcanic eruptions and leaden of global temperatures are correlated. Four of the largest eruptions in the recent past have been associated with significant lowering of average global/regional temperatures (DGSDU, 2011) - the eruptions of Laki, Iceland in 1783, Mt Tambora, Indonesia in 1815, Krakatu, Indonesia in 1883, and two large volcanic eruptions occurred within a gap of one month in 1991 one in Philippines (Pinatubo) and Chile (Mt Hudson) in 1991. Over the next two years, the mean world temperature was observed to have dropped by about 1C. Research on the recent eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland in 2010 showed that the effect of volcanoes on climate change could have been previously underestimated by 7 to 8 orders of magnitude (Boulon, Sellegri, Hervo, & Laj, 2011). This leads us to believe that there could have been a significant effect of volcano-induced climate change that significantly impacted the earth history. Impact on earth history The volcanic activity as we see today is only a small equaliser of the level of volcanic activity of the historical past when large scale volcanic eruptions were much more common, long lasting, and frequent. Thus, the volcano induced climate change could possibly even have led to study changes in earths history. For example, approximately 70,000 years ago, a large scale volcanic eruption of Mt Toba, Sumatra may have caused a terribly cold winter leading to the coldest 1000 years of the Last Ice Age (Michigan Tech, 2011). Sev Kender conducted research on the middle Miocene period (16 to 11.5 million years ago) and install that super-volcanic eruptions may have caused terribly cold win

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A Memo regarding Information and Intelligence Sharing Research Proposal

A Memo regarding Information and Intelligence communion - Research Proposal ExampleThe danger is that these recruiters may succeed as before and produce a protective covering breach on the scale of September 11 or something even larger1 much(prenominal) as the use of nuclear armaments in urban argonas. The need of the hour is to innovate the security apparatus by delivering them with schooling and intelligence that makes a difference. Information regarding the September 11 attacks was available but ineffective education sacramental manduction and collaboration led to the tragedy. The key to avert such a disaster is to strengthen the existent information and intelligence sharing mechanisms. This is obviously far easier said than done as the challenge is multilateral and requires simultaneous efforts by myriad governmental and private agencies as well as the general population. It would be pertinent to attend this challenge logically with regards to the flow of information and i ntelligence that is used to jump security actions. Information is first assemblageed by ground intelligence officials around the world and is then processed at various levels to see what information requires immediate action. The information deemed high priority is delivered to security agencies to initiate appropriate defense mechanisms. A look into the information gathering mechanisms will reveal that the current information gathering mechanisms are robust. ... It must also be related here that information gathering has been strengthened inside the coupled States by involving the average citizen. Initiatives such as the Wal-Mart manager intelligence gathering are aimed to involve the average American citizen since the danger to the United States is more from within that from the outside. The multicultural composition of the United States and the underlying democratic principles mean that it is not practicable to create a police state to gather intelligence. Instead, the only real method to gather the right kind of intelligence is to have the average citizen on board. If information regarding any suspicious activity is reported from the grass roots level, there is a cracking chance that the information would be credible3. The next step to taking any real action would be to process and disseminate this information to the subject security agency. This can only be guaranteed if the intelligence sharing and information distribution network is robust enough4. For example, if a suspicious person was noticed walking prevail over a street again and again, the local police could deal with him. However, if ground intelligence reported a group of men displaying suspicious activities in a neighborhood then the services of SWAT would be required to deal with the situation. In a similar manner, the services of other defense and security mechanisms such as the FBI and the CIA may be required depending on the circumstances. However, once again this would be subject to the affect and dissemination of information which would determine which information goes to which agencies. These inputs of information and intelligence are critical to initiating the required fair play enforcement processes that can guarantee the safety and well being of

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Project1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Project1 - Essay ExampleThe products are marketed as a total solution to diametric hair and scalp problems and thereby act as market leaders in scalp care. oer the years from 1961 to current, Head and Shoulders have slowly evolved as one of the best shampoos to fight perennial problems the like dandruff and hair fall and also other types of scalp problems. Products marketed under the Dandruff category are further divided into three types like shampoo, conditioner and 2-in-1 for both men and women customers. Shampoos and hair products of Head and Shoulders gene yard a wide armament of benefits to customers like generating protection to damaged and broken hair and also in making hair thicker, stronger and damp in nature (Procter & Gamble, 2014).Procter and Gamble, the play along that markets Head and Shoulders operates as a multinational company in the consumer goods segment. The company aims at producing branded products that contribute in enhancing the lives of consumers along different parts of the globe. Value additions are generated in terms of innovating different product offerings to meet the changing needs of the consumers from time to time and in sell the right quality and quantity of products to the customers (Procter & Gamble, 2014). Procter and Gamble is well known in terms of the global brands created by the company along which are marketed by the company along different consumer segments spread along one hundred eighty different countries. Current estimates related to Procter and Gamble reflect that the company through its operation baaed along 23 different brands earns the potential of generating a total sales revenue of around $10 billion. Another put in of 14 brands tend to generate a total sales of around $1billion in an annual fashion. The rate of market capitalization for Procter and Gamble is evaluated to be greater than the Gross Domestic Product of a deem

Perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly Essay - 1

completed tilt, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly - Essay ExampleThirdly, an oligopoly comprises of few firms. When these firms merge, they reduce payoff to allow them raise their profits as in the case of a monopoly. In doing so, they produce output that creates incentives for cheating in the case of shrewd agreements, ending up competing with each other. Fourthly, a monopolistic competition entails many firms competing against each other, each producing a slightly different product. This paper will depict the traits of different types of market, their differences, similarities, and economic efficiency of outcomes under staring(a) competition and monopoly.The major traits of perfect competition include prevalence of many small firms, all organizations exchange identical products, free entry and exit to the market, and perfect knowledge regarding the prices and technology in the market. These traits mean that it is non possible for a firm to exercise any form o f control in the market. Since the large fig of firms sell identical products, a broad range of perfect substitutes prevail based on the output of a given organization. As such, the demand curve for the firms in a perfectly competitive market is perfectly elastic (Dransfield, 2013). Since firms be free to enter the market, this means that resources such as capital are perfectly mobile. As such, it is not possible to impose barriers of entry into the market. With regard to the issue of perfect knowledge, it is professedly that organizations operate in a similar environment. As such, consumers are aware of the perfect substitutes prevalent in the market for a certain good, especially since firms produce matching products (Stackelberg, 2010).In a perfect competition market, the industry and market forces determine the prices and output. The price is set by the market forcing firms to adjust their prices based on equilibrium position of firms as shown by the figures below.In the firs t figure, the demand and supply curves interest at point E.

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International strategy operation Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

International strategy operation - Coursework ExampleIn this context, the unattractiveness of the mass trade fragment of the auto fabrication would be based on the following fact the profits generated by the firms in operation(p) in the specific field are low. The preceding(prenominal) condition would be checked using doormans Five Forces model. Through this model the competitive environment of an organization can be evaluated. In this way, a strategy can be identified so that the organization involved is better positioned in its market2. The above approach has been characterized as outside-in approach emphasizing primarily on each firms external environment and not on the organizational resources3. In the context of the Five Forces model, the mass market segment of the auto sedulousness would have to face the following forces a) new entrants4 competition in the automotive industry is extremely high. Even if the number of new entrants is kept at low levels, the market deal o ut of the industrys leading firms is so high that it is difficult for medium firms of the particular industry to standardise their market position. Even the industrys major competitors often face difficulties in keeping their scrap high b) bargaining power of customers5 customers can choose among a high range of cars of the particular category. ... ?s major competitors there are firms operating locally increasing the challenges for the industrys multinationals8 e) substitute products9 in the context of the mass market it is quite easy for substitute products to appear at the level that the engine room used in cars of the mass market can be easily adopted by the industrys small manufacturers. According to the issues discussed above, the chances for profits in the mass market segment of the automotive industry are limited, a fact that harms the attractiveness of the industrys specific segment. 2. Explain wherefore favorableness is generally higher at the prodigality and ultra-lu xury residue of the auto industry. In order to understand why profitability is higher at the luxury and ultra-luxury end of the auto industry, it would be necessary to evaluate the characteristics of the above segment using an appropriate strategic tool, much(prenominal) as the PESTEL psychoanalysis. The above tool helps to analyze the macro-environment of an industry, or of an industrys segment, so that the current status and the prospects of the particular industry are effectively evaluated. The PESTEL analysis focuses on six elements of a firms macro-environment, as these elements are able to influence the mental process of organizations operating in the industry involved Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal. The PESTEL analysis for the luxury and ultra luxury end of the auto industry would be developed as follows a) Political political conditions worldwide are not stable. Strong political conflicts are developed in most countries in the interna tional community. In such political environment it would be quite difficult for an industrys profits to be standardized. The luxury and the ultra luxury end of

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The Security Breach at Nelm Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Security Breach at Nelm - Case Study ExampleHowever, in that respect are serious flaws in the system configuration and the irritate control.The first concern should be that an insider big businessman be acquiring the information in question. in that location are currently atoms of the sales, engineering, and production that are sacramental manduction the files on the LAN. The files should be restricted and only available on a need to know basis. There should only be a limited turning of people in the marketing department that buzz off access to the advertising files. This would eliminate unauthorized access to this sensitive information by a member of the production or engineering staff.If the attack is coming from an outside source, system access needs to be secured and limited. This may be done by the addition of an effective User ID and password system. The system should look at regular changing of the passwords and have a mechanism to lockout the user after a limited number of failed attempts to stop a brute force attack. In addition, IP address monitoring should be utilize and users should be restricted to entering the system only from approved IPs. This would prevent off site hackers from gaining access to the system.To further secure the system, the Web horde needs to be properly configured. The web based email system will give unauthorized users a portal that may be exploited if the server has security flaws in it.

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Ardiff - Regeneration of cardiff, what it offers to business Essay

Ardiff - Regeneration of cardiff, what it offers to business - Essay ExampleThe paper will discuss how culture and hereditary pattern is developed for purpose of touristry activities. Another important area analysed is role of culture and diversity for an transcription like Motorpoint arena Cardiff. The report will shed light on ethical considerations while conducting tourism activities at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff and how it affects all stakeholders. Since every business does lack challenges, the report will overly picture management challenges in operating business in leisure industry. An appropriate conclusion and recommendations are also provided. Cardiff and Motorpoint Arena Cardiff Cardiff remains to be unitary of the most vibrant cosmopolitan European capitals that are renew at a fast rate in economic, social and in infrastructural development. Its location provides it the best fortune of being accessible within a few hours from London. It is connected by train to Londo n. Reflecting on the suppuration of Cardiff as capital metropolis of Wales it has an enthralling past and an exciting future. It has conserved its history in the slap-up museum and various attraction sites like Roman fortress. It is a country filled with the history of Romans, Normans and Victorians who were a owing(p) help in shaping Cardiff city. Cardiff castle and Cardiff bay which is considered as meeting place and where the city comes to rest. The city hosts several international games including inshore race and harbour festivals (Kim & Robert, 2002, pp.45-49). Motorpoint Arena Cardiff is located at the centre of Cardiff. It was usually known as Cardiff International Arena before it was bought by Motorpoint. It provides the largest exhibition space in Cardiff and has a capacity of over 7,500. Its ability to hold international events, comedy performances, sports and concerts gives it the attraction that motivates tourists into visiting it. Its location is one of its advantage s in that it is located within commerce centre of Newport and a shot walking distance from the millenary Stadium. It is located at entrance of Wales giving it a chance to be accessed by M4 motor personal manner. It provides all provide services including 24 hour lounge menu for hotel residents. Regeneration of Cardiff and what it offers to business Economically Cardiff city provides approximately 20% of GDP of the country. Regeneration of Cardiff was due to increased demand in coal which was a indispensable raw material in production of steel and iron. It has attracted foreign direct investment and hence stabilize its economic standards. Since it is a country that conserves its history it attracts tourists into the city who come to study their culture and way of existence. They have made it possible for construction of accommodation facilities hence increasing standard of economy in the country (WTTC, 2002, np). Infrastructure development is one sector that Cardiff has invested i n. This ranges from please sector, sports and communication development. It is one of the best transport links indicating its good location for business. Location of the city close to M4 motorway and the junction improved its

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Marketing for low income people (Gillette Vs Nivea) Research Paper

Marketing for confused income people (Gillette Vs Nivea) - Research Paper ExampleNivea brand is one of the famous skin and beauty brands in the globe due to its intense and cultivating marketing strategies. The advancement of the brand is attributed to its extensive ranges of products worldwide like the moisturizers, deodorants, and shower products. These brands piss magnificent appeals to both segments, especi exclusivelyy the high income segment of customers, yet Nivea products sell across all segments. On the other hand, Gillette has evolved its marketing strategies approaches over the past few years to establish a more than consumer-focused approach. The company has successfully installed brand confidence among the increasingly skeptical male consumer base in the world. encyclopaedism of in the altogether customers often results from the implementation of a product strategy. Products attract new customers by offering new features, eliminating old problems, and solving differ ent needs. Products will be matched with viable market segments. Product development is a marketing strategy in which new goods and services are developed and then added to current lines (Bergh & Behrer, 2013). These are marketed to existing customers. Product diversification occurs when new goods and services are created for new market segments not presently served by the company. Unmet needs, cultural trends, and other developments lead to development and diversification strategies. Recent cultural trends associated with diet have led to new food products, while the desire for connectivity has been associated with the creation of new electronic devices.One come across to developing products is following through with a well-designed plan of implementation that brings the whole company into the process. Product improvements operate specific problems. Many products have been made smaller, faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly over the years. Product improvements whitetho rn help firm capture new customers and acquire competitors customers

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Essay on Project Governance Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On Project memorial tablet - Essay ExampleUncoordinated project governance can result to financial loss, delayed closure and collapse of an entire project. Consequently, the project implementers uptake thorough planning and organization of customized ERP system (Abdallah & Albadri 2011). An ERP is a measured organizational tool that guides a firms vision. ERP systems combine internal affirmation related to finance, caution and production. At Microsoft ERP facilitates the exchange of information in business functions. Background Information ERP is an integrated system for subtle organizations designed to promote excellent practices in business. ERP softwares have varied applications based on the technical aptitude and the definite involve. Each section centers on a definite area such as distribution, marketing, inventory control or HR management. Additionally, ERP is fully integrated to supervise progress and inform business intelligence (Dinsmore & Rocha, 2012). The ERP guide s in the decision making of an organization by guiding project governance. Thus, a well-coordinated ERP system is vital to successful project governance. It provides the most efficient way to conduct business processes. For that reason, systems substitute in utility and convenience. Literature Review ERP systems are central business transformers rather than mere IT systems. They array with organizational goals to better provision of services and promote cleverness (Remenyi, 2005). Hence, an ERP has the aptitude to transform project government activity and may shift the focus of core activities. According to Muller (2009), the need to achieve operational efficiency through consistent implementation emphasizes on the need to form mergers and networks to promote interdependence in the temporary market. This heightens the need to establish architectural project governance that promotes growth. Nikookar et al. (2010) asserts that ERP is of competitive advantage to firms globally. It is a dynamic superpower for inspiring the course of globalization. Resultantly, firms are adopting ERP to guide in better administration and production. Therefore, organizations aspiring to attain beat levels need to invest in efficient ERP systems. This generates a competitive growth oriented atmosphere because it is easier to proctor minor changes. Successful attainment of efficiency is a continuous process that has become the prime believability measure to modern enterprises (Konsynski & Tiwana, 2004). Companies that successfully adapt with the ERP systems save on time previously spent on documentation, training, and accounting. Therefore, long-term feasibility benefits firm that adapt to the consumers preferences. Development stage Microsoft is an organization that develops fully customized ERP systems (Shankar & Bellefroid, 2011). The precedential manager and the executive usually guide other stakeholders in coming up with the ERP softwares. Executives at Microsoft engage i n the planning and implementation of the system. Primarily, before developing the systems, management conducts research to find the needs of the

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Use of English Essay Example for Free

Use of English establishI. Fill apiece of the numbered blanks in the following text. Use only one war cry in each space. (15 points)In a major break with in diving, scientists have developed an artificial gill heart-to-heart 1 obtaining oxygen 2sea water. The question of 3. fish breathe puzzled man for centuries. Now, fortunately, a team of chemists, physicists and mathematicians at Tokyo University have built two forms of artificial gill, which imitate the breathing method used 4.. fish. They be also developing a lightweight version 5. could be worn on the back. They expect that the primary model will be 6.for human trials inside three years and could be7 .. sale in the shops within five to ten years.Fish transfer oxygen directly to the blood, and the artificial gill will be 8. to transfer oxygen through a mouthpiece into human lungs. This process of taking oxygen 9 of water occurs through the ultra-thin surface of hundreds of fine, hollow threads. As water streams over t hem, the dissolved oxygen in10 . passes through to become a breathable gas. At the moment, the human gill has a 10-litre volume, 11.. has to be halved to produce a machine small 12.to be commercially successful. In 13..to this, the team is optimistic, accept it will have huge lever both for commercial and leisure purposes 14.. it will let people dive, in shallow water, for as 15as they like.II. convey the text below and use the explicate given in the brackets to form talking to that fit in the gaps. (10 points)T here(predicate) has been much debate in recent times about when young people should shine up a second language. This has been especially fuelled in recent times by the increasing 1.(important) set(p) on the English language. It is now commonplace to see parents providing a substantial amount of 2.(funds) on surplus tuition on language lessons to give their children every 3.(competition) edge. In the past decade, language institutes have sprung up in 4 ..(number) urba n centres, all claiming to provide rapid 5.(advance) in English. There has been a iron by many parents to expose their children to English in their6..(formation) years. This, many claim, will make the language to a greater extent 7(instinct) and ensure that all pronunciation errors can be avoided. There is some evidence which points to youngsters who have been embossed in 8(language) families, where the language spoken at home is different to the one that they 9..(conversation) with in their external environment. opus these children can switch between two languages with greater 10.(easy) it remains to be seen whether this is advantageous when learning supernumerary languages.III. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between 3 and 8 words including the word given. (15 points) 1. When I realised what had happend, I became quite afraid. OVERCOME I when I worked out what had occurred.pic2. It looks as if hes forgotten about the meeting again. TO He seems. about the meeting again.3. You can see that they made a big effort with the school play. DEAL You can see that. into the school play.4.You have to work here for two years before they consider you for promotion BEEN They will consider you for promotion.for two years.5. It was a gravid idea to turn up unexpectedly without calling first. BLUE You shouldwithout calling first.IV. Find one word which is appropriate for all three gaps in each of the following sentences. (10 points)1. We were aiming to raise one million euros for charity, just we.short by quite a long way. I did a survey online and it said that I.into the household of people who should consider a career change. Jane seemed confident going into the interview, but then sheto pieces and made a complete mess of it.2. I dont like parties because Ive never been good at.talk. I wish you wouldnt try to make me look ..in front of other people. W e sat up chatting into thehours.3. Im planning to go to the funeral, just to..my last respect. I was surprised when Caleb said I looked nice because he doesnt usually .me compliments. I might not have a bay window of money, but I always make sure I my way.4. Theres no.for believing that the Queen is going to abdicate. She is only working here on a temporary We chose Turkey on the.that its much cheaper than Greece.5. We hope it wont be too long before we gravel a . My dad thought that the whole thing reflected badly on thename. Our dogs got a great personality and we all treat her like one of the..

Teenage Drinking Essay Example for Free

Teenage Drinking EssayFor the sometime(prenominal) decade, there has been a major problem with small-scale drinkable in this world. Many of teenagers pay off been able to buy consumed deglutition without the appearance of their p bents. Today, some teenagers experience different things in the world. Whether it is their first date or first day in gamey inform, teens be always eager to try something different or new. One of the things that teenagers try is drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, underage drinkers often abuse alcohol.Many reasons why underage teens argon consuming alcohol because there were alcoholics in the family, peer pressure, tenseness and family problems. When growing up with an alcoholic, the kids mind thinks that it is normal to drink non-stop. The emotional and psychological scars that children laughingstock develop in alcoholic homes layaboutful be so deep that they gutter last easy into adulthood. If you were raised in a home with alcoholism or a ddiction, you whitethorn find that some of the pursuance characteristics are very familiar(Dr. Jan Woititz).People run for to become isolated, fear people and authority figures become plaudit seekers, be frightened of angry people, be terrified of personal criticism, become alcoholics, marry them or both(prenominal) view life as a victim have an overwhelming sense of responsibility, be implicated more than with others than themselves, feel guilty when they stand up for themselves, become addicted to excitement, confuse love and disgrace love people who need rescuing, stuff their feelings lose the ability to feel, have low self-esteem, and judge themselves harshly. Those are just few of the effects of alcoholic problems in the family.Stu fall ins state that people look to alcohol because of economic, line of merchandise stress or marital discord. In humans between certain types of alcoholism and adverse previous(predicate) childhood experiences. High levels of stress may inf luence drinking frequency and quantity. This relationship between stress and drinking even is stronger when alternative coping mechanisms and social supports arelacking. Finally, when individuals believe that alcohol will service of process to reduce the stress in their lives, alcohol is most likely to be used in solution to stress. Drinking appears to follow stress but some evidence in any case links excessive drinking to the anticipation of a major stress or even during times of stress (BRESSERT).Stress can lead to being a alcoholic because the person is so tired of being in a state of stress so they look for something that can calm them down so they turn to all weed or alcohol. They drink as much as they could until it goes away but in ingenuousness the stress does not go away. So if it do not work then that means they divergence to keep looking towards liquor to get rid of it. This drinking can make their way of cerebration change. Over time, heavy drinking interferes wit h the neurotransmitters in the brain that are needed for good psychic health. So while alcohol may help deal with stress in the short term, in the prospicient run it can contribute to feeling of depression and anxiety and make stress severelyer to deal with (Eva Cyhlarov).Joseph A. Califano, Jr says The media focuses on illegal drugs such as heroin, but thats the tail. The dog is alcohol and the dog is really biting our kids (69). This can cause you to hurt others, get you into illegal trouble, and damage your relationships. Alcohol can damage the young brain, interferes with mental and social development, and interrupts academic progress. Alcohol is attracts teenagers easily and leads to the three leading causes of teen death accidents, homicide and suicide. You can alike harm your body now and when you grow up and also get you addicted. When drunk people tend to not notice anything so they start fights, unprotected sex, driving drunk and heavy hangovers. People have died from drinking on the beach and like to go swimming which leads to death. It is said from Anthony that people dont die from heater weed, they die from drinking alcohol(70). It attends to be true because you cannot die from a plant but you can die from something that is mix with many chemicals. They can die from intense alcohol intoxication.Why do teens drink? Teens seem to look towards drinking as a pleasure but what they do not notice is messing up their body. Even though they know its bad for them, they insist that alcohol isnt really a drug, however kidsknow that beer, wine, and liquor can you into big trouble. It is said by CASA that 8th graders used 47.0% of alcohol, 10th graders used 66.9% and twelfth Graders used 78.4%. Used in past year, 8th graders are 38.7%, 10th graders are 60.0%, and 12th graders are 71.5%. Used in the past months, 8ths graders are 19.6%, 10th graders are 60.0% and 12th graders are 48.6%. Seventy-two part of college students report that they used alcohol at least once within the 30 days anterior to completing the Core survey.Within the last year, 84 percent of students report they drank alcohol (Alcohol and College Students Drinking point Sheet, 1). 82% of students under age 21, using alcohol within the past year. Student athletes are more often the heaviest drinkers in the overall student population. Half of college athletes (57 percent of men and 48 percent of women) are binge drinkers and experience a greater number of alcohol related harms than other students. College athletes are also more likely than other students to say that getting drunk is an important reason for drinking(Dying to Drink by Henry Wechsler, Ph.D.). Seventy-eight percent of college athletes report that they used alcohol on at least unity occasion in the past 30 days prior to completing the Core survey. Within the past year, 88 percent of student athletes report using alcohol. One in five athletes believe others students drinking adversely affects their inv olvement on an athletic team or in other organized groups. several(prenominal) athletes do not think of the repercussions while they are out with fellow teammates, drinking a unlimited amount of alcohol. They are caught up in the moment and want to be cool with friends and associates. They dont think how this is going to affect their upcoming game or practice. Some athletes believe they can cut across excessive drinking and performing well in games. There legal opinion pattern is party hard right now and worry about practice or the game later. This is a poor thought pattern that will always harm their performance. Athletes know alcohol affects their system in a ostracise way, yet they still consume large amounts(Nelson and Wechsler1 2001). Colleges and pro-football leagues look at this kind of things. They have a wide-range programs that can track and also test 100% if someone is under the influence of alcohol and drugs.Today, as you may have read many teenagers are under the in fluence of alcohol in the stages of high school and college. There were many studiesthat were conduction that gave us information about the average student alcoholics or up and coming alcoholics. There were many effects of alcoholic that people did not run across. These kids do not understand what it can do to your life and physical-self in the future. They wont understand the outcomes until it hits them clearly in the head.

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Psychological Impact of Socio-Political Factors Essay Example for Free

mental Impact of Socio-Political Factors Es recordA club is composed of distinct cultures which identifies itself from otherwises. The cultures of societies be distinct and throngs lives argon unremarkably patterned from prevalent traditions, practices and tenets within that culture. Culture could be held responsible in the upbringing of an individual. People always conform on the dynamic culture of the society as they adhere on the norms, practices and values. Culture is an ever-changing feature of a society and incessantly develops and redefines attributes ground on lifestyles and conditions. It is influenced by various factors that create sustain tight cultures. This will further result on the variations in cultures of a global society. We attribute cultural differences in its historical and ecological context. Socio- political factors also influenced our culture. These factors influence psychological appendages of an individual. As world plow and globalization are greatly emphasized, interaction across culture is increased and cultural diversity becomes a hindrance to fully achieve its objectives. Socio-political factors are in many forms and are inherently embedded in culture.These factors play significant role in molding the identity of a vocalisationicular(prenominal) society. Socio-political factors are founded based on our beliefs and values and our behavioral tendencies and they were accustomed in our daily lives (Schneider, 2004). Stereotyping in that respect were so many loving crowds in every country and it rack ups that point nation a diverse geographic area. We could easily meet a collage of the various social roots but we could fail to include the real identities and configurations of these social groups (Stangor Schaller, 1996).We may generate a statement on the perception of the characteristics and utilized it to describe the whole group. For example, Germans are hot-tempered and African Americans are rowdy. This p rocess of thought depicts the conventional definition of stereotypes in social psychology, in which stereotypes are regarded as the main picture portraying the totality or the representation of a particular group of individuals. Stereotyping could also exist in the minds of the persons who are being stereotyped (Stangor Schaller, 1996). Stereotyping is a type of socio-political factor where we categorised people based on our beliefs.Perception plays a large part in the social context. Stereotyping is how we behold people as established by a particular circumstance. In the course of time, stereotypes are considered corresponding to certain constructs that is ordained in the study of stereotypes. Stereotypes are considered as products of categorization, labels, schemas- these constructs tend to overlap each other for they were closely related (Schneider, 2004). Stereotypes is a result of our behavior towards others, it also affect our behavioral patterns toward different kinds of people.There is a substantial participation of group members in fostering stereotyping in people. Shared experiences suggested that stereotypes grew impliedly when members of a particular group perceived a certain category on the other group of individuals (Schneider, 2004). We deliberate in-groups and out-groups as natural phenomena and we perceive them differently. Categorization of groups evolved into stereotyping. Stereotyping could relegate negative implications, this includes depriving opportunities to the persons being stereotyped based solely on the biased belief of the unrivaled assessing them.Stereotyping could be an individual problem and shall consider that it is not a dual-lane knowledge, but when the perception was common in all members of the community its effects become much insalubrious because it affects the whole society in the same way (Stangor Schaller, 1996). Stereotyping, therefore, could be looked at two perspectives. It could exist in the persons mind , as representations of a persons beliefs and values. It could also be viewed as a piece of societys social fabric, a part of a larger scale of comm only when dual-lane perception of social groups (Stangor Schaller, 1996).It becomes a question if the populace of social reality is individualized or dwell as a shared understanding. The particular sign between the two lies mainly in the assumed relevance of this common knowledge and its importance and impacts on the lives of each individual within the social group (Stangor Schaller, 1996). Racism Stereotyping could evolve into other socio-political factors that may render detrimental effects. Racism can be widely utilized in everyday life. The concept of racialism is negatively burdened, injected with political and moral descriptions.Therefore, claiming someone to be a racist is considered as inappropriate and level(p) immoral. The definition is inclined for connoting political abuse. The definition also offers significance in th e field of academics and raise political and moral argumentation (Miles Brown, 2003). Racism is the generalized body of information, real or imaginary, pertaining to a person or group of individual that render benefits or gain on the racist and expense on the one being judged (Memmi et al. , 1999). Racism is the mistreatment of people based on their race.We all belong in a particular race, human race. This resulted from the in disturbity in the social structures and configurations. It is also a product of inequitable and unequal stratification of economic, political and social means (Sherover-Marcuse, 2000). Racism is defined improperly. There is no established definition for racism, if we would think philosophically, if racism is defined as morally and politically undesirable. There must be a shared understanding on why it is unacceptable. the definition could not established a concrete criteria on whether an pecker is racist or not.Utilizing the existing definition, we could be all racists. If the broad definition will be adhered, whence it impliedly says that American people are all racists (Miles Brown, 2003). Sometimes the description on the person being discriminated is inexact and they were being judged based on their color and cultural identity. Thus, it result to social empowerment of the racists and the judgments were passed into concurrent society that affects everyone (Sherover-Marcuse, 2000). Sexism Another socio-political factor that becomes a major dilemma in the society is the concept of sexism.Sexism directs us in the delving into gender studies, but it is a critical issue for it deals with a lot of aspects of gender inequality. Sexism is the inherent belief of the superiority of a particular sex over the other and therefore claims the right to be ascendant in society (Curry, 1995). This will lead us in perceiving that in conventional society virile is dominant over the female specie. This is evident in our recital books and even in t he holy scriptures of religions. close to of the messages were addressed to males.The dominance of males connotes the inferiority of females and the deprivation of prerogatives and rights enjoyed by the other sex. Many uprisings of the women sectors have been accounted in history in attempt in obtaining liberation and equality in treatment and opportunities. For example, the acquisition of suffrage is a pivotal event in womens history and the ability to participate in major economic and political activity was celebrated by women in the society. Although there are claims that sexism no longer exists in our society.We could say that it is impliedly manifested through various of means. There were still claims in mistreatment in the workplace and females were not given equal opportunities. Mass media greatly contributes in reinforcing the concept of sexism through the portrayals of women in ads and programs depicting the traditional concept of women as inferior, weak, dependent and as home providers. There is a lack of portrayal of the emerging female specie- dynamic, unfluctuating and nurturing. Psychological Impact These socio-political factors have an undeniable psychological impact to a culturally diverse individual. each(prenominal) person was raised in a society with inherent culture established that distinguished the group of individuals to other group of individuals. Every one of us is composed of layers of cultural learning ascribed or acquired that wee-wee up the totality of our individuality. These layers of cultural teachings were acquired through various influences. Every individual was shaped ethnicity, race, religion, education, profession, organization and parents. These attributes are the primary factors that affect the formation of the individuality of a person.Ones gender, peers, family and origin are also vital in redefining the ones cultural identity (Gardenswartz Rowe, 1998). Because we acquired our cultural teachings in different sources we are programmed differently and were reared heterogeneously. Therefore our individual differences make us culturally diverse. The socio-political factors aforementioned could be well-explained and examined under the specific setoff of psychology- Evolutionary Psychology. This new branch of psychology is focused on establishing explanations on mental and psychological traits of individuals.There is a growing symbiotic and significant relationship between environmental and social psychology. Evolutionary theory is slowly infiltrate social psychology researchers. Evolutionary psychology examines new frontiers with specialty, like the socio-political factors mentioned above (Perilloux Webster, 2008). It was argued that these factors shaped a persons psychological mechanisms. It was utter that the concept of self do not exist but it was layers of psychological mechanisms (Perilloux Webster, 2008). These socio-political factors discussed above are someway interconnected with each other.Stereotyping could render significant psychological impacts in the upbringing of an individual. They may obtain reproach information about persons they stereotyped. For stereotypical roles, though shared by a lot of people could not be regarded as true. Stereotyping will reflect implicit behavioral comments like that there are roles more appropriate for men and women. This will create a general perception that some roles are only intended for a particular sex and that the other could not offer strong decisions and capabilities in active in these certain fields (Swim et al. , 2001).This also indicates that men are better in male-dominated fields (Swim et al. , 2001). imputable to the stereotypical roles and attributes being tagged to persons, they were undermined of their capabilities and capacities. It will also say that women are inferior and passive (Swim et al. , 2001), which is simulated about women nowadays. More women are participating in the fields dominated by male onwards and show exemplary performance in doing tasks. But the greatest implication would be an animosity for women (Swim et al. , 2001). Because of stereotyping, people will create an attitude towards the stereotyped individual.

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United States Army Essay Example for Free

unite States Army shewThe rhetoric writing skills that I have been pictureing as a modern-day scholar in English composition is certainly relevant to me because of my profession. To be an effective leader of the United States Army and to be fitting to provide adequate counseling to my soldiers, I must be fitted to get my ideas crossways effectively in both writing and speaking. Rhetoric, being the art of using language to communicate effectively, involves communicating my vision and effectively being able to express my ideas and disagreements. It is essential to me as a Signal actualise Systems Specialist and my units susceptibility to accomplish its mission.The study of rhetoric is valuable in every(prenominal)owing me to further enhance my abilities in persuasion, public relations, and adept writing that I use in my job. As a leader, my firstborn precedency is to construe that I not only commiserate the mission assigned, but that I am able to communicate the i ntent, standard, and goals to my team. This is accomplished done writing out operation orders that ar later discussed in enlarge in a small forum. Since there are cases where the decision that was made may not be in the best interest of my team, rhetoric is applied to communicate such(prenominal) concerns.There are in addition instances that the Senior Advisor in Signal Support to the commander delivers briefings and presentations. Having studied rhetoric, I am able to easily provide a presentation that is not only is informative but withal gives motley courses of action that groundwork be implemented. Currently, under my supervision are three soldiers. As their leader, I must communicate consistently and effectively and this is done through verbal and write counseling. The purpose of counseling these soldiers is to ensure that they are sufficiently equipped and informed about their tasks and responsibilities.This highlights rhetorics importance in my ability to perform to standard. Rhetoric may be an ancient form of communication however it is still frequent today and allows me the ability to perform effectively daily. peeled siege of siege of Orleans is more than a tourist metropolis to me. It is my home. It is where I was born and raised. To others, bare-ass Orleans may only be known for its Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street, and more recently, Hurricane Katrina. entirely this urban center is known for so lots more that just these things. refreshful Orleans is alive with culture, music, heritage, and expectant food that not many have regular(a) heard of.New Orleans is famous all over the world as the birth erupt of Jazz, and is nicknamed Hollywood South for the numerous movies that have been filmed or produced in or around the city, including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Last Holiday, Glory Road, and others. New Orleans has hosted nine Super Bowl games and the Nokia Sugar Bowl. This place is in addition the home of the Essence Music Fe stival, New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival and other events. New Orleans is a multicultural city that is rich with heritage and history that dates back to 1718.The multicultural surroundings can be owed to the fact that this place is a major port city. A testament to this is the presence of Americas oldest black neighborhood, Faubourg Treme. The Faubourg Treme is located between the boundaries of northwesterly Rampart Street and North Broad Street and from Canal Street to St. Bernard Avenue. During the 18th and early nineteenth centuries, Faubourg Treme was the first place free persons of color could obtain ownership of kill and real property during a time when America still patronized bondage. New Orleans is a very musical city.It can be heard all throughout the city from local anaesthetic jazz musicians, brass bands, and high train bands. Music can be called the heart of New Orleans where hatful can enjoy them from lane performers to any night club to where live performa nces are done. This is the only city where death would be observe with a jazz funeral, which begins with a march by the family, friends, and a brass band from the home, funeral home or church to the cemetery. I have a lot of recorded music from multiple arts and performances that people can listen to and enjoy as a testament to the musicality of the community.New Orleans is also known for its great food. There are a variety of food choices including fine dining restaurants to the local cafes, delis, and pizzerias. One of my favorite restaurants that is a must-try is Copelands Cajun Bistro located 1700 Lapalco Blvd. in Harvey, LA on the Westbank. The variety of Cajun dishes and seafood platters are worthy the two hour wait without reservations on Friday and Saturday nights. A must-try dish is the ricochet catfish, which is great combination of Cajun and seafood mix. New Orleans is unlike any other city in the world. It has a great past and a promising future.When coming to visit, p lan on returning for additional trips because no one can stimulate everything this city has to offer in just one visit. I mentioned a few places can be enjoyed doing on your trip but, there is so much more. I have lived here my entire deportment and I still have not taken in all of the culture, music, heritage, and great food New Orleans has to offer. Enjoy your trip Being a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the United States Army, I use technical documents daily. In the field of Tactical Radio Communication, I refer to technical manuals to be my guide.There was a sixteen week course of training I went through to learn how to operate various equipment. The technical manuals used for the equipment I use have complicated flow charts and diagrams that see instructions on how to effectively operate them. By fully understanding the technical manuals and how to operate the equipment, I transform the technical language into simpler terms others less versed with them will be able to u nderstand and operate the equipment. If my listening was unfamiliar with the equipment, it wound be difficult for them to understand the text inside of a technical manual.This is why, when I give instructions to personnel who do not have the same experience as I do, I reconstruct my text so that that my class would understand. When explaining the contents of the technical manual, vulgar delivery are used to explain the point of the book. Words like SINCGARS, Cypher Text, and DAGR are changed to bring out understand into simpler words such as radio, secure communication, and GPS. Choice of vocabulary for a general audience will get your point across without confusing your audience, and give them a general idea of what you are saying.When crafting the sentence structures, short and concise sentences are used to capture the concern of my audience. The technical manual is alter with a lot of safety warnings and limitations that are very lengthy. Constantly fileing these limitati ons can confuse, scare, and take absent the attention span of my audience. Instead of constantly evinceing safety warnings every three to five lines, I omit the scenarios the audience would not face to make it easier to follow. This will simplify the understanding of what they are reading.In any writing, it is important to pay attention to your choice of text, sentence structure and sentence length. Breaking level the contents of the technical manual taking out the use of technical terms and replacing with communal words, it would be easier for my audience with no knowledge of the equipment to understand. The use of basic terms makes it easier to keep the audience attention and help them understand them importance of what you are describing to them. I chose threes three essays to be in my portfolio because these are where I larn so much.These three essays show different styles of writing that I can use both in my personal, everyday communication as well as in my profession. The se three essays also have got many of the points that were important for me to improve on. From vocabulary to grammar to mechanics, I have seen where I can improve my written English skills to best serve me now and in the future. The way I edited my work is through reading it first. There are many cases when I thought that the sentence just doesnt read or feel right.So in the first instance, I focused on style before I went to the detailed nitty-gritty of the whole essay. Such cases like the first sentence of my first paragraph, As a modern-day student of English composition, the style of rhetoric writing is or so applicable to me because of my profession I changed to The rhetoric writing skills that I have been learning as a modern-day student in English composition is certainly relevant to me because of my profession. I did this because I felt that the flow was crack and that it hammers the point across better than the previous sentence.Another example is the change of the se ntence from Since the city serves as a major United States port, New Orleans is a multicultural city to The multicultural environment can be owed to the fact that this place is a major port city. To aid these changes, I also extended my vocabulary so that I would not sound redundant in my work. Such instances overwhelm deleting nouns and using pronouns in their place or using other nouns (such as city for New Orleans). Sometimes, I even revise whole sentences in order to reduce the number of times I need to write the actual noun I was referring to.In terms of vocabulary, using a more encompassing choice of words also worked to keep the flow of the sentences moving, but more importantly, make the point clearer. A case in point is when I used Faubourg Treme was the first place free persons of color could purchase ownership of land and real property during a time when America was still immersed in slavery in my earlier work and replaced it with Faubourg Treme was the first place fre e persons of color could purchase ownership of land and real property during a time when America still patronized slavery. The precise use of the words made it clear that America was using slavery instead of the former which can be tangled as Americans being in slavery themselves. This highlights the importance of using precise language in delivering our messages and acquiring our points across more clearly. I was also careful of the use of punctuation marks when I rewrite my three essays. I noticed that I often do not use a comma when a comma is required. I also observed that I use the wrong spacing in between words most especially in between two sentences (after the period and before the first word of the next sentence). These errors, I also removed.I also followed comments given on my papers. One such example is cutting a redundant paragraph in the last essay (on the point that most of the key information can already be found in the first paragraph). Other things I followed are accepting the comments and revisions made on the paper when some sentences and words were changed or deleted or added to. I also took notes on important comments and internalized them, such as giving out topic sentences. I revise my work to accommodate the comments and revisions made on my paper and kept an open mind about the mistakes that I made to make sure I learn my lessons well.In all, I learned so much from the exercise of drafting my writing and editing them. I have learned the importance of editing because without it, I make so many mistakes and these mistakes might become a source of confusion to those who will read my work. I also know that if I edit, I can make my points clearer and that I can even emphasize things that are needed to be emphasized when they are not done so in the first place during the first draft of my work. In all, many of my editing came from conscious decisions that I learned in class.

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Wuthering Heights and Memoirs of a Geisha analyse Essay Example for Free

Wuthering senior high and Memoirs of a geisha girl test EssayWe dont compose Geisha because we want our lives to be happy we become Geisha because we have no choice. With reference to Wuthering highschool and Memoirs of a Geisha analyse the role of women within these novels. Within the novels Memoirs of a Geisha and Wuthering heights the role of women ar very various this could be because of the different time period in which the novels were written as Memoirs of a Geisha was set in 1930s where as Wuthering Heights is a much earlier book being written in 1847 but set in the 1700s. or else the difference of the role of women within these novels could be because of the different countries and cultures that the women live in, one being on the outskirts of a sm tout ensemble village in Yorkshire the new(prenominal) being set in a pre-war Japan. These two study differences in lifestyle and time between the novels does mean the women have different roles within their societi es but it too shows numerous similarities in the womens way of life, how they are treated, by men especially men, and the way in which they act up themselves throughout the novels.In both of the novels, Memoirs of a Geisha and Wuthering Heights the women are not in total simplicity of their lives. This is shown in galore(postnominal) different slipway throughout. I will be looking at how the roles of the women within the novels are shaped by the environment and oer characters around them. One theme that occurs in both novels that affect the women is entrapment. In both novels entrapment of the characters is shown in many different ways.In Memoirs of a geisha Sayuri is entrapped at the okiya after she tries to escape and run away with her babe but falls off a roof and breaks her arm this results in the okiya being locked and Sayuri is banned from leaving without permission from beget, this is entrapment is described by Mameha We dont become geisha because we want our lives t o be happy we become geisha because we have no choice. This shows the lack of fake women have everywhere their lives in this novel and that theyre lives are decided for them by other hatful, in the geek of a Geisha these people are the men as they decide whether a girl is to be a great geisha or whether her career is to fail. This shows that Sayuri is not in control of her life and is physically trapped, this is similar to Cathy in Wuthering Heights as Cathy lives at Thrushcroft Grange is banned from leaving the cause surrounding it, cashbox she reached the age of thirteen she had not oncebeen beyond the range of the park by herself. This shows that Cathy does what her father tells her to and that she spends a long period of her life cut off from the rest of the world by the walls that surround the grounds of Thrushcroft Grange. another similarities between Cathy and Sayuri is that they are both trapped by money. Sayuri is trapped by her building debt to mother and is not all owed to leave the okiya until she has fully paid it off, this is made difficult by Hatsumonos interference this is similar to Cathy having to flummox with Heathcliff after marrying Linton.These not only show the entrapment of the women but also how the men have the power over the women in both the books. In both the books the men play a big role in the womens lives. This is because the women are dependant on the mens money and support, but also because of love. In Memoirs of a Geisha Sayuri and the other Geisha are dependent on the money they receive from them, without this they would be forced to do seemly work. The book shows the hold a man in Japan at that time had on a woman this is shown in many ways throughout the book the first being at the break up when Sayuri is at home with her mother and father.Her pa sells Sayuri and her sister to a man who in turn sells Sayuri to the Okiya and her sister to a whore house, This one maybe, the other one no. this is said by a women in the book but it still shows dominance they have over Sayuri and her sister this could be because thats the only people they do have authority over as men dominate them. This shows that the men have the control over Sayuri during the start of this book, deciding where she goes and what she is to become.Another way in which it is shown that men have the control in Memoirs of a Geisha is that all the Geisha are dependent on their customers, which are the men. This means they are the mercy of the men, also if a man was to give a geisha a bad temperament it could end her career, which again shows the power in which the men have over the women, this is shows when the baron forces Sayuri to undress for him and she is missed to his power and strength. This again shows the dependence of men in the world of a geisha. This dependence is seen in a more indirect way in Wuthering Heights but is shown in many ways.One of the ways this is shown by Catherine near the start of the book. In front o f her dad Catherine isseen as a normally frolicsome child that knows when to stop but when hes not around she plays up all the time, and looks forward to being scolded by Nelly and Joseph, But as soon as she saw him vexed again, she kissed his hand This shows the power her dad has over her and that she wishes to please him this is similar to Memoirs of a Geisha when Sayuri leaves with Mr. Tanaka under her dads orders when my father threw, the fish back into the sea.This could describe how Her dad threw her out of the house and sent her on her way into life, this could be seen as a lack of take for he and shows the true power of man over women within the book as he only if sells her without protest from anyone including Sayuri and her sister. Many critics have the view the character of Heathcliff is female Gilbert and Gubars The Madwoman in the Attic The charwoman Writer and The Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination (1975) argues that Heathcliff is female because he has no prop erty, place or title.He is only when Heathcliff, never master, unlike Edgar Linton. Thus he has the female role in the society of the novel. This is shown at many points throughout the novel, But Nelly, if I knocked him down twenty times, that wouldnt act him less handsome, or me more so. I wish I had light hair and fair skin, and was dressed, and behaved as well, and had chance of being as fertile as he will be Bronte here concentrates on the physical qualities of the two rivals for Catherines affection, wake the connection between physicality and material wealth.The irony here is that despite the effeminate appearance and physical failing of Edgar, he has the breeding, status and wealth that Heathcliff does not have. In Memoirs of a Geisha Sayuri life in the Okiya is all based round finding the Chairman again. This again shows the influence men have on her in this novel In that brief encounter with the Chairman, I had changed from a lost girl facing a lifetime of emptiness to a girl with purpose in her life. When she describes her pervious life before well-read the chairman as a lifetime of emptiness of a girl it shows that she believes that it takes a man to make a empty girl to one with purpose on one hand this could be seen that women at the time only lived to please men and that is what made there life have meaning, but on the other hand it could be seen as life is not worth living without love in it. This theory about love making life worth living is also seen in Wuthering Heights when Heathcliff falls to pieces after Catherines death I cannot live without my lifeI cannot live without my soul Heathcliff describes Catherine as his soul and keeping in mind the time period this book was set in, the soul is the well-nigh important part of a person, it was believed that without a soul a person was not human. This take on Heathcliff and Catherine against Sayuri and the Chairman show the opposites of each other. Sayuri and the Chairman show the domin ance man has over women and the other showing the lack of it and how women have more power than it first appears they do.In both Novels Memoirs of a Geisha and Wuthering Heights the writers use many techniques to shows the weak role of women in society and it is clear to see that although there is a big time difference between the books being written, and that they are set in very different societies the role of women is very similar and all concentrates on the pleasing of men within their lives, this is shown using many different techniques throughout but neither books are less effective in showing the heaviness of the womens role.

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Approaches to Learning Essay Example for Free

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Approaches to Learning EssayThere are various ways which people can learn. There is a need to identify approaches that can assess education effectively. David Kolb proposed a four stage learning process with a cycle of learning. (Gravells, A. 2008). The process is represented in the diagram belowConcrete experience This is process where the learner experiences or immerses themselves in the task. It is the first stage where the task assigned is carried let bulge out. It is also called the doing stage. In my specialism, this could be the time where I consider my learner class appellative or test to do in the class. (Gravells, A. 2008). It is good way of assessing learning and getting feedback immediately.Observation and aspect This involves paceping back from the activity and reviewing what has been done and experienced. Here the learners values, attitudes and beliefs can affect their thinking process. This is the process where the learne r thinks about what they you have done. The learner has the opportunity to reflect on what has been done in the classroom through the home work given.Abstract conceptualisation This is where the learner tries to interpret and understand the activities that have been carried out during learning. This is the planning how you will do it differently stage. The learner has the opportunity to do this as I welt a particular topic in mathematics.Active Experimentation It en fitteds the learner to take in unexampled learning and predict what is likely to happen next or what future actions can be interpreted to improve the way activities can be done in future. This is the redoing stage based upon experience and reflection. When feedback on Tests or home work is given, the learner has the opportunity to improve upon what has already been submitted.Learning styles A learning style is a learners consistent way of responding and using stimuli in the context of learning.love and Mumfords learnin g style questionnaire is another theory used to demonstrate how a learner is able to learn effectively. Questionnaires were given to the learners that probes general behavioural tendencies.Although their theory is drawn from David Kolb, it had some differences. Learners were shared out into Reflectors, Theorists, Pragmatist and Activist.Reflector The learner prefers to learn from activities they watch, think and review what has happened. They like to use journals and brainstorming. http//www.nwlink.com/donclark/hrd/styles/honey_mumford.html accessed on 3 July 2012.. To be able to ensure learning takes localize for this kind of learner, as a Teacher I would spring more group work, discussions and lecturing in mathematics sessions. Also give out hand outs for learner to read and reflect upon.Theorists Learners in this category prefer to think a problem through step by step manner. They like lectures, analogies, systems, case studies, models and reading. I would organise more lectur es on a topic, give handouts and assignments for such learners giving them the opportunity to tackle problems/ questions later on.Pragmatist The learners prefer to apply new learning to factual practice to see if they work. They prefer field works, laboratories, observations, feedback and coaching. Here learning can effectively take place where a lot of examples on topics are tried out with learner before giving out home work or assignments. A lot of clear feedback on assignments/ tasks and activities will be require to ensure the learners actually understand information passed across.

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Macro Factors that Affected Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy Initiatives Essay Example for Free

Macro Factors that Affected Roosevelts Foreign Policy Initiatives attemptA unlike policy is a countrys independent strategy or dodge of how a sovereign state will deal with the rest of the world or how it will canalise its meanetary subjects this may encompass such fields as military, preservation and politics.The contours of US foreign policymaking strategies were shaped to a large extent by the advantages conferred by geographical isolation of the country, lack of straightaway enemies, absence of historical baggage and the indomitable, independent streak of its early settlers who through their sheer perseverance alter the vast wilderness of the American lands into an economic, political and military powerhouse unrivalled in the modern era. American foreign policy has seen its ups and downs ranging from a period of isolationism to active participation in world affairs to the unilateralism that characterized the bush-league era.However, during the brass of Franklin D Roosevelt, American foreign policy was hobbled by the prevailing isolationistic ideology and of pass the economic conditions of that time. This essay examines the constraints that Roosevelt experienced in conducting the nations foreign policy and what events shaped the contours of Roosevelt administration foreign policy directions.During the American Revolution, The United States convinced France, Netherlands and Spain to join them in the war against Britain which was considered as a common enemy. However, after attaining independence, American foreign policy concentrated on regional matters rather than international matters. The country adopted the Monroe Doctrine which declared that America would not tolerate European interference in the Americas. However, soon thereafter American foreign policy took the stand of not interfering with other states affair in the periods before the First World War.The United States was ab initio not interested in involving itself in the First Worl d War because it deemed it as a continental Europe affair. Woodrow Wilson as the President initially promised to preserve the tenets of neutrality but then was forced to enter the war on German exhortation of disruption of American shipping by U boat attacks. After the war, Wilson initiated the 14 points program and created the confederation of Nations as also encourage idealism as an approach to international affairs. However, the imperatives of domestic politics turn over back Americas foreign policy directions away from the idealistic approach to its traditional isolationist stand.Roosevelt had internationalist views and wished to play a larger role in world affairs. However the Great slump preoccupied Roosevelt through most of his time. The Great Depression originated in the United States and had been triggered by the sudden analyze of the Stock market, which on 29 October 1929, crashed.The shocks to the domestic US economy were a primary cause (Bernanke 2000, 5) for the effect as the primary sector comprising of mining, farming and logging that had been listed on the stock exchange lost their office prices dramatically. This led to a panic amongst American investors who tried to keep bulge out of the stock market and remand their purchases of white goods. To get over the Depression, Roosevelt initiated a slew of economic reforms and measures collectively known as the in the buff Deal. Roosevelt first sought to restore the confidence of the American people in the banking system by passing an Emergency Banking Act and creating a Federal Deposit Insurance Scheme.He embarked on abundant public works projects like expansion of Dams, railroads and highways to provide employment to thousands of laid-off workers and cuts in military spending. These cuts in military spending further constrained foreign policy initiatives. The 1935 neutrality Act passed by the recounting despite Roosevelts protestations further restricted the Presidents foreign policy initiatives. These were retraceed by the Neutrality acts of 1936 and 1937 that further tied down the President. The declaration of the Second World War in 1939, gave Roosevelt an unprecedented trine term in office and a chance to redeem the US economy.At one sweep, unemployment was wiped out with youth being employed in the armed forces or in the industries to support war effort. so far then, the isolationists did not wish America to enter the war. Despite the administrations efforts to reform the Neutrality Bill, the isolationists had a upper hand in the congress and succeeded in obstructing the passage of the bill right until 1940 (Dalleck 1995, 191).It was only after Roosevelt steered the Lend-lease act and the surprise attack by the Japanese in 1941 that Roosevelt could get rid of the neutrality clauses and conduct the war with full vigor. Roosevelt used the Second World War to build American economy and guide its growth for Americas preeminence after the war. It was his vis ion and forbearance that allowed President Truman to follow a more muscular foreign policy by declaring the famous Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan that defined the pro-activeness of American Foreign policy from 1946 till to date.One can safely state that the massive constraints of an isolationists tradition and the Great Depression hindered Roosevelts foreign policy initiatives, which he had to continuously battle to build Americas relevance on the international scene. Roosevelt succeeded admirably and set the decimal point for future American Presidents to embark on a more robust international role that at present defines American foreign policy.BibliographyBernanke, Ben. Essays on the Great Depression. Princeton Princeton University Press, 2000.Dalleck, Robert. Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932-1945. Oxford Oxford University Press, 1995.

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Short stories Essay Example for Free

Short stories EssayHow did deliverrs of nineteenth century short stories create and maintain a spirit of mystery for their ratifiers? Compare the different ways in which these mysteries are resolved.In the nineteenth century more people started to read short stories. This was be act in the nineteenth century working hours shortened which gave workers more void time. In the nineteenth century though there was no television or radio, the only delight that was easy to get hold of was reading. Short stories were more popular than novels because they were easier to read than novels. nap and the weirdieNapoleon and the Spectre was written by Charlotte Bron when she was 17 years old. It was one of her earliest pieces of writing. Charlotte Bront then went on to write several other famous books, a very well known one would be Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bron died in 1855, one year after marrying.Well, as I was saying, the emperor moth got into bed. This first line of the story draws the ref in. It is as if the writer was in a middle of a conversation with the reader about the Emperor. In the third paragraph you get an inkling that the Spectre is about. The writer uses sound to show this. a push aside rustling. Another clue that the Spectre is about is when the Emperors pillow goes hard for no reason. These two clues build up a cease in the story and is soon let down by the Emperor instead of exploring the noise just goes back to sleep.In the fourth paragraph there is another climax, a cryptical groan is heard from the closet in the Emperors room. The writer likes to use sound to show that the Spectre is about this is good because it builds up good tension. It also builds up tension well because it is a buddy-buddy groan which makes it sound painful, very ghost like, the writer is keeping to the idea of a classic disturbed ghost.In the fifth paragraph we see our first use of speech which builds up a climax of terror in the Emperor. Whos there? Cried the Empero r, seizing his pistols. Speak or Ill blow your brains out. This shows that the Emperor is frightened and is trying to threaten the person away.The writer unfeignedly builds up a outstanding climax with a short paragraph which gives suspense. Short, sharp laugh. This shows that the phantasma is mocking the Emperors threat to try and intimidate him he is unbothered by the Emperors attempt to scare him away. This is ironic because the Emperor is meant to be very high and powerful and not apprehensive of anything but is instead scared of a Spectre, this is also an anti-climax.The writer rebuilds the tension once again but using the perceive of sight to give the reader the beliefing of the Spectres presence again. Which burned in a silver branch over the mantelpiece, was suddenly darkened. This shows that all the light has gone from the room making it only dark, a good entrance for the Spectre.The reader than sees the Spectre for the first time, the writer also makes us savour sympathy for the Emperor as he is sweating with fear when he first sees the Spectre. The writer uses the sense of sight to give us an idea of the Spectre, A black, opaque shadow.More speech is used as the Emperor tries to calm himself down and re-assure himself that he is imagining the Spectres presence. Pooh exclaimed Napoleon, it was but an ocular delusion.In the next paragraph the reader hears the spectre speak for the first time, this creates a sense of horror. Was it? whispered a hollow voice, in deep mysterious tones, close to his ear. The writer has written that the Spectre has whispered close to the ear of the Emperor to cause more tension as well as the Spectre having a hollow voice. This paragraph really builds up the horror and tension in the Emperor and in the story.The writer shows that the Spectre takes control when he uses the name of the Emperor. Follow me, Napoleon, and thou shalt see more. The spectre also uses the Emperors titles to mock him, Was it a delusion, Em peror of France?. This is ironic because the Spectre uses Napoleons titles as Emperor to make him feel small and intimidated, when titles are there to make you feel/seem big and important.After this paragraph the writer gives us the first description of the spectre. Charlotte Bronte has made the spectre as gruesome and as horrifying as possible, to add more tension and fear to the story.Examples of the bloodstained features of the Spectre would be The tongue protruded from between the teeth and the eyes all glazed and bloodshot started with imposing prominence from their sockets.The emperor then cries out in shock, Mon Dieu This is also the first time that the emperor has in truth been presented with the appearance of the Spectre.The one lined paragraph, the apparition spoke not, but gliding forward beckoned Napoleon with stir finger to follow, is meant to be a very dramatic and frightening paragraph. The reader is picks up on this because the writer has not only set out this lin e to be a short paragraph which is dramatic but has made it so the Spectre actually says nothing he speaks through his actions which build up tension to the story.

Health and Social Care Essay Example for Free

Health and Social Care testPeople map different ways to go with other populate, depending on the situation in a health and social tending setting. In pro forma is mostly used between people who go to sleep all(prenominal) other very well and formal for individuals who do not know others to well or defy not met before. People who are expected to talk in a formal language in a health and social worry setting are the commission workers. Care workers should ensure they know the difference between the two different conversational languages and use the correct one accordingly. For this essay I will be analysing the two different ways to communicate to people and give examples to why people use these ways to communicate. Formal conversations are mostly used between two individuals who are of a profession or who have not met before. Formal language doesnt use contractions for example, He is going away out now. NOT hes going out now. Vocabulary is also different, please abstai n from smoking (formal) please dont smoke (informal).According to stretch and whitehouse (2010, p6) formal communication is mum by a wide range of people. This means that people from different backgrounds/ ages can understand the concepts of formal language. Informal language is less strict on grammar and often uses shorter sentences. Informal language also uses absorb instead of using the correct words for things. This type of language is normally spoken and not written. It is ok to talk to friends in an informal manner but you wouldnt talk to your patients about their medical guidelines in this language you would talk to them in a formal way. In a health and social care setting informal language could be used when youre giving a patient an update if youre just walking down the hall way.People need to know when it is acceptable to use either formal or informal language in a health and social care setting. If an individual doesnt know when they are supposed to be using formal lang uage consequently they can make themselves look unprofessional and that they dont know how to speak in a formal manner. Also if they use informal instead of formal hence its harder for people to communicate back in the group. In summary, informal and formal communication are quite different to distributively other. If an individual was to use the wrong form of language in a health and social care setting then they can make that person feel disrespected, whereas if they were to use the correct form then they can communicate more effectively.BibliographySTRECH, B. WHITEHOUSE, N. (eds) Health and Social Care Level 3 Book1, Pearson, Harlow Essex

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18th Amendment Congress Essay Example for Free

eighteenth A mendment Congress EssayCongress is who was tough with the 18th amendment which was ratified on January 16th 1919 and went into effect on January 16th, 1920. This amendment was signed in Washington by congress.The 18th amendment prohibits the sale, consumption, distribution, import, and export of all liquors. During the world war prohibitionists made it seem patriotic to conserve metric grain for the war effort and not to make alcohol. The prohibitionists thought that a sober soldier was a bang-up soldier and a sober factory worker was a good factory worker. Section 1 states that, after one year from the ratification of this term the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thus into, or the exportation at that placeof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.Section 2 the congress and several states shall have concurrent power to enforce t his article by appropriate legislation.Section 3 this article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the constitution by legislatures of the several states, as provided in the constitution, within seven years from the date of the launching hereof to the states by the congress.After the 18th amendment was in effect underground bars called speakeasies were built. By 1927 there were more than 30,000 speakeasies around the country. Famous gangsters like Al Capone made over 100,000 dollars a year. The Volstead act was authoritative to the success of the 18th amendment. It gave the federal government enforcing ability. Also it defined criminal penalties except for medicinal or religious ceremony use. The levels considered intoxicating were 0.5% anything over that limit was illegal. From 1911 to 1929 deaths caused by cirrhosis of the liver in men dropped to 10.7 men per 100,000 from 29.5 men per 100,000.By the end of the 1920s there were more alcoholic s and illegal drinking than ahead prohibition. To undo one constitutional amendment it takes another one to undo it. The 21st amendment which is the first and so far the just now amendment to restore rights that were taken away from a previous amendment. In 1932 both parties called for the 18th amendment to be repealed. In 1933 congress passed a resolution proposing the repeal. After prohibition was repealed the separate states were the ones that had to govern their own alcohol laws. Most states made the legal age 21 but some states had the age be only 18. No national drinking age existed until 1984 when the national minimum drinking age act was passed.I do not think this amendment should be brought back because it caused many problems and it was almost impossible to enforce. In conclusion, the 18th amendment caused too many problems and should never be brought back because of everything that went wrong.